Health care designs, ummah in mind.

Who we are.

Healthcare costs for Muslim non-profit organizations can be expensive, convoluted, and require sacrifices on the part of your sheikhs, scholars, and staff. We don't think you should face the challenges of providing healthcare alone, which is why we've created this organization - to connect masajid and other non-profit organizations together so that we can face these challenges and costs as one.

The Muslim Benefits Coalition seeks to unify the purchasing power and representation of Muslim organizations across Texas, and soon beyond. The more that join, the lower the cost for each individual member. It is our hope to match the influence and negotiating strength of similar non-profit organizations that represent several church denominations, representing tens of thousands of clergy and staff across the United States.

Who can join?

The Muslim Benefits Coalition is open to all mosques and Islamic non-profit organizations. In the same way that Christian denominations have affiliated themselves to purchase benefits as a group, we aim to solve this issue for our Muslim brothers and sisters.

What are the costs?

As we have a yet-unknown number of member organizations, we are still exploring the costs to each organizations that seeks membership. However, due to the non-profit nature of our institution, membership costs will be kept minimal and only to cover administrative overhead costs.

Interested in joining?

Consider filling out our interest survey form to help us learn more about our community's needs and how many are interested in seeing this initiative fulfilled. The more masajid that complete this survey, the more accurate we can provide cost analysis when we finalize our incorporation.

If you feel like you are definitely committed to joining our initiative, please fill out our census form which is required for all insurance negotiations.

What's our progress so far?

Stage 1 - Submit application (form 202) to Texas Secretary of State to incorporate as a non-profit entity. - COMPLETE

Stage 2 - Receive confirmation of incorporation, and draft by-laws for organization governance. - COMPLETE

Stage 3 - Submit application for Federal non-profit recognition from IRS. - COMPLETE

Stage 4 - Receive confirmation of Federal non-profit status, and begin formal acceptance of membership. - COMPLETE